Tooth Extractions

When it comes to caring for your smile, it is our mission at Horizon Dental Care to protect your natural teeth. We have many dental treatments available to repair damaged or cracked teeth and can use root canal therapy to save many teeth. There are times when a tooth cannot be repaired or is jeopardizing your overall health. When that is the case, we offer tooth extractions.

No one wants to have a tooth removed, but when it is necessary, our team at Horizon Dental Care can make it as stress and pain-free as possible. We have a calm, soothing environment with caring professionals to perform your tooth extraction. When you have a tooth that has been severely damaged or is diseased and needs removal, our team will ensure that you get the best care available.

Gentle Removal of Damaged Teeth

There is no reason to fear a tooth extraction. While it may not be pleasant, it does not need to be stressful or painful. Our team can offer sedation options for your procedure if you would prefer help relaxing. Oral conscious sedation can put you into a relaxed state for your extraction. For wisdom teeth removal or extractions that require oral surgery, IV sedation may be an option.

After your tooth extraction procedure, you will want to relax and allow your mouth to heal. Our team will give you detailed instructions on how to care for the extraction site. Pain medications can be used for any discomfort, but the tenderness will subside quickly if you follow the post-procedure instructions.

When you need a tooth removed, our team at Horizon Dental Care will make the process as stress free as possible. Our office accepts many different insurance plans, and we have payment options available to handle the financial aspect of your procedure. Contact us to schedule your appointment.


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