Enjoy the benefits of a gorgeous smile with Lumineers from Horizon Dental Care. You can have a beautiful, white smile that is uniform, straight and stunning in just two visits to our office. Lumineers are the premium cosmetic dental treatment for smile makeovers, changing your smile and giving you the advantage of a healthier, more youthful looking grin.

Lumineers are a trademarked type of dental veneer that offer a thinner version of porcelain coverings for your teeth. These ultra-thin porcelain shells require less prep before they can be added to your teeth. Traditional dental veneers are slightly thicker, needing tooth enamel to be removed to accommodate their placement. With Lumineers, little to no tooth material needs to be removed, protecting your teeth and allowing you to forego the preparation process needed for traditional veneers. Lumineers are durable and natural-appearing. They can last 20 or more years with good oral hygiene and proper care.

Cosmetic Veneers

Lumineers can change the look of your smile in just a few visits to our North Austin or Georgetown office. If you have gaps, crooked teeth, discolorations or want to change the shape of your teeth, Lumineers can provide you with a complete smile makeover. Unlike orthodontics and other dental treatments that can take months or longer to fix dental issues, Lumineers cover your dental flaws and only take a few hours to complete. During the first visit, we will design the shape and style of your new smile. Once the Lumineers are created, you will come in for your second visit for placement. You will walk out of our office with a sparkling new smile that you will love to show to the world.

Get the smile of your dreams with Lumineers. Contact Horizon Dental Care today to schedule your first appointment to get started on your smile makeover.


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