Non-Metal Fillings (Tooth-Colored Fillings)

Achieve Dental Health and Wellness with Non-metal dental fillings for cavities

At Spalding Green Dental Health, Nashville, Tennessee, area patients have access to general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care in their community. With the help of our dentist, Dr. Spalding Green, patients will work with an experienced dental provider to learn more about the services that can assist them in achieving dental health and wellness. When patients have cavities, early intervention is essential in maintaining one’s oral health. In many situations, patients with cavities may benefit from the placement of a dental filling.

What is a dental filling?

A dental filling is a tooth-colored filling placed into a cavity to seal it off and avoid further growth. At Spalding Green Dental Health, we avoid using metal fillings, known as silver amalgam fillings. These fillings have a substantial amount of mercury, which is a toxin to the human body. It can cause mercury toxicity, which is a serious issue that dentists have overlooked for years. Additionally, silver amalgam fillings are known for expanding and contracting. It can leave the tooth susceptible to infection if bacteria can enter the tooth. By asking for tooth-colored fillings, patients receive fillings fabricated from composite resin, a material that is both safe and aesthetic.

What can I expect during the placement of a cavity filling?

First, patients are made comfortable in the dental chair with proper anesthetics and sedation. Second, the tooth with the cavity is filed down, and the area of decay is removed using specialized instruments. Once the site is disinfected, the dentist will then place composite resin into the cavity. This material is hardened or cured with a light, then filed and polished to look like natural tooth enamel.

Are you interested in tooth-colored fillings?

Dr. Spalding Green and his team at Spalding Green Dental Health of Nashville, TN, is here to assist patients with a wide range of services for patients in and around the community. Call (615) 383-8213 to request an appointment at 2000 Richard Jones Road, Suite #166. The practice is open to new and returning patients and families.

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