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Brett Langston, DMD, and the Dental Implants and Aesthetic Specialists team are skilled in the art of fitting and making dentures. All of our dentures are constructed by a licensed prosthodontist, and you can see your dentures being made and adjusted throughout the process. Custom dentures can restore a beautiful smile in both form and function so you can feel confident again.

Who is a Candidate for Dentures?

We would first like to say that there is no age requirement for dentures. If you have lost your teeth due to an illness, injury, or prolonged decay, you may want to consider getting dentures. Dentures can come in many forms, but we will ensure that we find the best fit for you.

What Dentures are Right For Me?

From the initial consultation to the first denture fitting or a later denture relining or repair, this skilled team utilizes the highest quality materials to deliver the best overall experience.

We Offer the Following Denture Options

  • Metal framework partial dentures
  • Acrylic partial dentures
  • Implant-supported dentures
  • Conventional upper and lower dentures

To make sure we get the perfect fit, our in-house prosthodontist will take impressions to make a model of your jaw and mouth.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures can be made with a metal or acrylic framework. Unlike complete dentures, partials are meant to replace a few missing teeth, not all of your natural teeth. The frame will provide sturdy support for chewing, particularly when you're missing molars.

Partial dentures with acrylic or metal frames will securely anchor to your existing teeth and stay in place without the use of dental adhesives.

Conventional Dentures

We also offer conventional dentures, which consist of creating a mold of your jaw and mouth and then making custom dentures for you. These can be created for both your lower and upper mouth and will replace all or most of your natural teeth, unlike partials. These can also be removed at any time.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are best described as a combination of both dentures and dental implants. An oral surgeon will attach four to six implants into the jawbone, usually with titanium screws, into the jawbone. Then a patient has to wait between three to six months for the screws to fuse with the jawbone tissue. When this process is finished, a set of special dentures are attached to them. Unlike other dentures, these cannot be taken out without a dentist's assistance.

Whatever your needs may be, we are equipped to offer you the best denture care in Atlanta.

We Also Offer Relines and Repairs

Dental Implants and Aesthetic Specialists have a licensed prosthodontist who can repair full or partial custom dentures within a few days, depending on the repairs needed. Denture repairs are done to help you leave feeling comfortable.

New dentures will typically fit securely in your mouth since they are designed specifically to fit your gums. Relining is needed every one to two years due to your gum tissue changing over time. This can cause your dentures to become loose and make them shift uncomfortably in your mouth. Having your dentures relined will help keep them tight and functional. When they are relined, our in-house prosthodontist fills the denture with a putty-like material. This putty is used to create an accurate impression of your mouth. The new denture is then sent to a lab and adjusted to the new shape of your gum tissue. By relining your dentures, you can ensure that you stay snug and secure for the rest of your life.

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If you are interested in a dentures appointment with Dental Implant and Aesthetic Specialists, call our office at (404) 321-4588 to schedule your denture consultation!

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