Student Athletes

Athletes involved in contact sports such as LaCrosse, Hockey, and Football are required to wear athletic mouth guards to protect their teeth. Not all sports require mouth guards, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a great idea. Over the years, we have certainly seen our share of broken teeth from athletes playing basketball or participating in karate as well. Bodybuilders and weight-lifters may clench inadvertently under the strain of heavy lifting, causing damage to the teeth similar to those with grinding/ clenching habits. Inconclusive studies suggest that wearing a custom athletic mouth guard may help stabilize the head and neck during contact sports, reducing the likelihood of a concussive injury. You can’t prevent every accident from happening, but we like to take steps to minimize the risk. Contact Leahy Family Dentistry to see if a custom athletic guard is a good addition to help protect your athlete’s teeth.   Call today for special pricing for our student athlete’s custom mouth guards.

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