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This is a difficult question to really answer accurately.  The correct answer would be yes (with the exception of Medicaid or Healthchoice).  We will file most any dental insurance but may be considered an out-of-network dentist with some plans. Unfortunately, dental insurance is nothing like medical or health insurance.  Nine out of ten patients believe dental insurance works like medical insurance, but dental insurance is actually very different.  In general, dental plans pay more for preventive services (cleanings and xrays) than major services (implants, crowns etc).  The more expensive a procedure is, the less of a percentage dental insurance pays (this is the opposite of health insurance).    If you have dental insurance, we will try our best to "go to bat" for you with your insurance company if it seems they have made an error or an appeal needs to be made due to a denial.  We are happy to help you understand your plan and use it to most benefit you.

We are currently in network with MetlifeDelta Dental Premier and Cigna PPO insurance plans.  We will gladly file most other insurance plans, we will be considered out-of-network with all other dental insurance plans. However, this does not mean that your insurance company would not pay benefits to us as they would to an "in-network dentist."  Some dental plans will require you to go to a "network dentist" to receive any dental benefits. Do you know which type of plan you have?  There are thousands of insurance plans and they are governed by what a patient or patients' employer purchased.  The only thing that can be generalized is that all dental insurance plans have limitations and maximum allowable benefits. 

In other words, to say I have Aetna, do you take it?  The answer is maybe.  If you work for a local employer that has several employees, chances are we know a great deal about your dental plan.  Remember every dental insurance plan is different.  One Aetna or BCBS plan may not equal another Aetna or BCBS plan.  It is in your best interest to refer to your benefit contract to get the most from your benefits and to avoid any surprises.  We try to help our patients or guide them with their benefits, but we do not let dental benefits direct what we recommend for your dental health.  Ultimately, your dental benefits are between you and and your insurance company. 

Good questions for you to ask your dental insurance carrier:

What is my yearly maximum?

Can I go to any dentist and receive benefits?

What percentage does my insurance pay?

Are there any waiting periods for services? Or any other limitations?

Get involved with what you are paying for and make the most of it!!!  Is your goal to take care of your teeth for a lifetime or only to take care of them to the extent that your insurance will cover? 

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