"I went to another dentist in La Mesa who was so 'rushy' I felt uncomfortable with his diagnosis that I needed a root canal. I had this uneasy feeling (I used to work for a dentist long long ago, went to school for it and everything) about his diagnosis....it was just too rushed and not thorough. So I found Dr. Marey Stone in La Mesa and went in. I am a bit scared of dentists (understatement there) So I got there and from the front desk who are very nice to the assistant who immediately put me at ease to the VERY slow and not rushed exam, very thorough.....I was impressed. The setting is homey yet professional and clean, the people are supportive and thorough. Dr. Stone confirmed my suspicion that my tooth was not as simple as the other dentist had portrayed. She referred me to an endodontist who then referred me to an oral surgeon. The tooth was broken in half all the way up and was beyond saving, so an extraction and implant have to be done . I was so impressed rather than wanting the work for herself she referred me. I appreciate her concern more for my health and not trying to do the work herself realizing I needed specialists (it was very near the sinus too, I had a raging infection) Thank you to this wonderful office, I'll be back! (Also they do sedation, something most of us scaredy cats need) Ill be bringing my daughter after she has her baby too! And little baby will get great dental care as she will go here too as long as you take kids. Thanks again."

Heather H

"Yesterday I had a small cavity filled and the experience was absolutely painless from start to finish. Their staff are terrific and efficient. I was in and out in 35 minutes. Great experience. Highly recommend this dentistry."

John A

"I just had extensive procedure done with Dr. Stone & Schlaht's office. Dr. Stone did the procedure - she and Jackie were very concerned about my comfort and satisfaction with the work. I even had the experience of observing my crowns being "crafted" with their new, state of the art, technology! I was wiped after 5 hours but came home to a phone call from Dr. Stone checking on my comfort again. She also told me to call if any problem occurs. In addition, I must mention I love their gardens and ponds. Very, very relaxing and calming. They have done everything possible to make the experience positive - Thank you ladies. Your TLC and quality work are why I continue to be one of your patients. "

Sharon C

"Timely same day service to reinstall a crown and not just by gluing it back in place. Dr Stone prepped, installed and adjusted the crown as if it were the initial installation. Couldn't have asked for more. Great job!"


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