Keeping your smile looking its best while maintaining healthy oral hygiene requires periodic dental cleanings. In Elk Grove Village, Illinois, our dental experts at Elk Grove Dental Care provide comprehensive dental service that includes regular cleanings to ensure the best health for your teeth and the surrounding tissues.

When you schedule an appointment to for oral health treatment with our office, we develop a personalized prevention program based on the specific conditions of your teeth, gums. This ensures that the treatments we provide will be tailored to meet your exact needs, so you’ll be able to smile with confidence when you choose our dental professionals.

Upon first visiting our office, we establish your oral health baseline with a thorough dental exam. Our dentist begins with a careful review of your dental and medical histories, taking into consideration any pertinent dental concerns or symptoms. We then provide a complete assessment of your periodontal and orofacial tissues, an analysis of your bite, and an examination of your teeth. With a complete dental screening, we detect and address any existing issues with your oral health. We also analyze your teeth to ensure the prevention of any future issues, keeping your smile looking its best while preserving your oral and whole-body health. When you’re ready to receive a cleaning, screening, or exam, reach out to us at your earliest convenience to schedule a visit to our office.

We Take a Closer Look with Teeth X-Rays to Begin

Determining the status of your oral health requires a complete examination of your teeth. With teeth X-rays from our state-of-the-art digital machines, we are able to fully assess the condition of your teeth and the structures that support them with very little radiation. This gives us a solid foundation for planning your prevention program, and enables us to decide which options are best for your specific needs.

Protect Your Health with Regular Dental Cleanings

Studies on oral health have shown a strong correlation between gum disease and cardiovascular disease, which means that regular teeth cleaning benefits more than just your smile. With routine cleanings from our experts, you protect the health of your heart and significantly reduce the chance of suffering from a heart attack or stroke. For more than 20 years, we’ve delivered thorough teeth cleaning service for all of our patients, and we look forward to continuing that tradition with you.

Don’t Let a Chipped Tooth Keep You from Smiling

When you’ve experienced a chipped tooth, you may feel insecure or ashamed about the way it looks. We understand how important it is for your teeth to look and perform their best, so we provide fillings or bonding to restore the appearance and performance of your damaged teeth. Our dentists utilize a composite resin to bond with the tooth and give you back your lovely smile.

Contact our office to arrange a visit for dental cleaning. We provide service to patients in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

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