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Comprehensive Dental Practice In Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Our family-oriented dental practice helps patients from San Bernardino County maintain excellent dental health. We focus on patients’ wellness above all else, making sure we administer the right procedures to build strong, healthy smiles.

Comprehensive Dentistry

Dr. Peter C. Yanes and Dr. Rossina Escobar-Yanes advocate for better oral health through proper habits and hygiene. Our office concentrates on restoring overall health through addressing dental issues associated with well being, in turn improving the function and appeal of their teeth in the process.

There is a systemic link between dental health and bodily health. Dental problems can have residual effects on the rest of the body, causing increased susceptibility for heart disease. It is extremely important to maintain proper dental hygiene to ensure better total health as well.

Our Duty to Patients

Dr. Peter and Dr. Rossina educate patients on the benefits of maintaining strong dental health. We aim to prevent dental issues through proper preventive techniques, such as teaching the importance of health consciousness. Understanding that good dental hygiene starts at home is the first step towards achieving a beautiful smile.

As an exclusive service to registered patients, Dr. Peter or Dr. Rossina perform many procedures in patients’ homes. Our dentists can come to your house with portable dental equipment and handle routine procedures—all in the comfort of your own living space.

Our practice is also amalgam free; none of the materials we use in our restorative procedures contain metal, relieving any concerns of allergies with these materials.

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Your smile is the window to whole body, which makes dental hygiene incredibly important.

For more information about the services we provide, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Peter Yanes or Dr. Rossina Escobar-Yanes, call us today or visit our dental office in Rancho Cucamonga.

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